Thoughtless Weightloss

I have just realized that doing something without thinking about it is the best way by far to do it. My rheumatologist has been fussing at me for over a year to lose weight. I am a woman in menopause, I set at a desk for work so I am not moving around a lot during my readings. Depression from a long life of abuse from an ex-husband. Yes, I have been divorced almost 18 years and he is still stalking me. He has gone to jail for it but still continues. He just will not let me go. I had a horrible life with him and his drug use, he spent our entire marriage trying to snuff out the light in me, he even went so far as to try to have me killed by telling a drug dealer that I “snitched” on him. It took me far too many years to realize what an idiot he is. Not worth a thought, not a seconds thought. So, anyhow I have built this wonderful life after (it) and do wish to share it. I want to share the good things! I have so many!

So the weight loss, it has been so easy so far. Only 14 lbs but hey, it’s 14 fewer pounds to cart around. So what started my weight loss? I stopped thinking about, I stopped stressing about it, I stopped running to the scale every morning. I have never had a big appetite, I do only take in 1000 calories a day so it’s not what I eat or drink. It’s the fact that my body has slowed down, also I believe happiness plays a role in it. What is working for me may not work for everyone but this is great and it’s free. No hidden anything, free. Youtube folks, youtube. I subscribed to a few youtube videos on my cell phone and play them while I sleep. Some people can sleep while it plays and I am lucky enough to be one of them. I have a couple weight loss videos and an abundance video and some money attractor video’s that I play on a loop all night and have been doing so for a month now and it is ever working. I just go about my day and my outlook is so different now.

I am doing a few small things different, I stopped using creamer in my coffee and each night like right now, I am drinking a hot tea with vinegar and honey in it. well frankly, that’s the only difference lol and it is falling off of me and I have a smile that I have not had in years. I will list the videos at the end of the blog but I wanted to brag a little first.

I had nothing when I was married to (it) and less than 5 years after I left him I had my home paid for. So this, for one thing, tells you that no matter who you are you can do anything. I work from my home and was happy just making the bills but here lately I have been applying the law of attraction and I now have a waiting list on my tarot readings. I know it took me far too many years but I am now past all of the abuse I endured in my marriage and found myself actually smiling a month ago for no reason. I saw an elderly couple on a motorcycle and for some reason, they just made me smile. I realize now I am so very happy. I can’t believe what a happy life I have made for myself, and that is the key, I made it for myself and that makes it feel so much better. I am actually happy to be here, my feet up on my sofa, laptop in my lap, a cup of vinegar tea beside me, life is good.

I believe the moral of my story is: Just be happy and don’t stress, believe what you desire is coming to you and it will. Love, Wendy

My youtube list:  Ultimate weight loss by David Mcgraw, Hypnosis for weight loss by Michael Sealey, Manifest money now 500 powerful affirmations. Easy weight loss while you sleep.  I play them on a loop all night while I sleep. It works for me and it’s free.


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