Timeframe in Tarot

Timeframes in tarot is a tricky thing, Common sense and following your intuition is key but there are also many different rules to follow. To myself, Cups are days, Wands are Weeks, Swords are Months and Pentacles are years. Energy is always subject to change is why people do not like giving time frames. A person really needs to be “one” with their cards to be good at timeframes and there are, so many factors to take into account, mostly though between astrology in the cards and your intuition, there is no need to miss a lot of timeframes.

The Emperor, Aries, Fire, Wands, March 21-April 19

The Hierophant, Taurus, Earth, Pentacles, April 20-May 20

The Lovers- Gemini, Air, Swords, May 21- June 20

Chariot, Cancer, Water, Cups, June 21- July 22

Strength, Leo, Fire, Wands, Jul -23 – Aug 22

The Hermit, Virgo, Earth, Pentacles, Aug 23- Sept 22

Justice, Libra, Air, Swords, Sept 23- Oct 22

Death, Scorpio, Water, Cups, Oct 23-Nov 21

Temperance, Sagittarius,, Wands, Nov 22- Dec 21

Devil, Capricorn, Earth, Pentacles, Dec 22- Jan 19

Star, Aquarius, Air, Swords, Jan 20, Feb 18

Moon, Pisces, Water, Cups, Feb 19-March 20

Spring, Wands, Fire

Summer, Cups, Water

Winter, Swords, Air

Autumn, Pentacles, Earth

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