Night Travel:

As a child I remember those fun nights that my siblings and I would lay on the back lawn and star gaze for what seemed like hours. I would always get lost in my fantasies and although I knew nothing of astrology or astral travel I always felt like I was drifting up out of my body and there were so many great worlds I would visit. I loved it so much and still can’t wait to go to bed each night so I can travel with my thoughts. I remember I would take a deep breath of that fresh crisp air and stare into the vast amount of stars and I would feel a deep connection with my very existence.

I remember the time spent with my siblings laying out on our lawn was filled with such innocence that we never see in our world anymore. Sometimes the neighbor kids would come over and the entire neighborhood would sit and play truth or dare until it was time to go in. Truth or dare those days was nothing like the game that it is now. Back then we would be dared to knock on my grandmother’s door after 7 pm or ride our bike around the block in the dark, I never heard of any kissing games and never heard of drugs or smoking or harming anyone or their property. Times were good, life was fun, we never knew how good we had it.

As a child, my siblings and I went to a private Christian school. I loved each and every day of it because it was small and we worked one on one with each other. The pastor’s wife loved meditation and the law of attraction before it was ever a thing. I remember her making us lie in the floor of the church gym and she used guided meditation on us kids, I was in awe of her and the things she was teaching me because when I was in my zone, it was an entirely different world. The school was meant to teach us strong Christian values and I do love my Lord, I love God, I love the universe so that part of it worked but myself, I always saw more than religion. It confused me somewhat as a young girl because the Church taught us that being psychic was bad but then Mrs. Vaughn was guiding us to others places where we could hone in on those gifts. I sometimes feel I don’t have a place where I can be totally accepted in this world, I always seem to be judged by others. I am psychic, I do have spiritual gifts, I am a reiki master but also in my heart I feel that God is the one who gives us these gifts and I sure don’t want to be judged about them.

So, I have been astral traveling since I was a young girl. I can still close my eyes and see a multitude of colors dancing around, I can feel my body leave and float away to other places. My favorite memory as a child during one of my travels I wound up on this tram like a train and everyone had on beautiful large sweaters like it was cold, I always thought I was in a place like Sweden, everyone was sipping a warm drink I never had tasted before and never have since.

Now that I am 54 years old and two of my siblings are gone, my mother has dementia , my father strokes so badly he is confused and lost all day, now that all of this has been laid at my feet, all I want to do is travel back to those cool Autumn nights where I am laying on the lawn with my siblings, my clothes wet from the dew, I was so tiny it always made me shiver , but the shiver made me smile and my body tingle. I want to go back there, even if it’s only a dream. It’s funny how life turns out, I always wanted to travel away, and now, I want to travel home.

Love and blessings, Wendy

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