Working Hard

I am a professional psychic tarot reader and have been reading professionally for the public for fifteen years and reading for family and friends for as long as I can remember. I do remember when I was young and my sister would want to sneak out of the house she would wake me up and ask me if she were going to get caught. My sister always relied on my intuition even later in years of her life, before she would think of traveling she would call me first. My sister is passed now from liver cancer and I miss her.

I do read for two online sites and to talk to me through these sites is $2.20 a minute. I am a lot cheaper if you contact me through here. I only charge $1.00 a minute or $15.00 for 20 minutes. I can do email readings and it’s so much per card. Just email and we can talk about it and the payment is through paypal.

XO Wendy  Yvonne.


One thought on “Working Hard

  1. Jimi says:

    Yvonne, I appreciate the reading, you nailed it. I know I need to open up more and trust him a little more but since he did ( that) I am finding it hard. I will try to do what you suggested and open up about my anxiety and fear. I know I need to forgive or move on. Thank you for your help and continued support in this matter.


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