Receiving A Reading

I had a call that was very intense. My caller kept getting cards that matched. I mean 3 and 3 and 2 and 2 and she asked me what that means. I tried as best I could to explain it to her, I myself would rather not take up the time in a 2 dollar a minute call to explain something to someone, it’s so much easier just to give them the meaning instead of a long explanation. The call is about the caller so I did take the time but I felt it took away from the call. I hope however she did not feel that way.

It is my belief that when you receive a tarot reading you should be open and let it in instead of worrying about what every single card means, because when cards are side by side they can take on another meaning, when you pull 2×2 you are not really focusing on the two of cups, but what it means beside the two of wands. It’s not as confusing as it sounds I promise. The two of cups+two of wands reveal a focus on partnerships. In this case, it might be the couple (2 cups) planning a future together with the (2 wands), based around their relationship together. With the number being between 1 and 3 it reflects the beginning of the cycle of their relationship.

So I suppose what I am saying is, instead of getting to focus on my reading I had to stop and focus on telling her the difference in the reading. Had I pulled any other card with that 2 of cups the reading could have gone on and kept its flow. That flow was interrupted.

I care deeply for my callers and am one of the fastest readers out there. I don’t take my time shuffling to hell and back like some. I do not sit and go hmmm on the cards. I use my gut when to stop the shuffle, I take the cards and I run with it. I have to say my first gut instinct (which I feel everyone in the world should, the first one is always right, anything else is overthinking) and that is how I have so many return callers.

So, moral of the story: When you call and get a reading, let the reader go with her flow. I am sometimes a little misunderstood because I do not add a bunch of fluff. I am not going to tell you what he/she was wearing last Thursday when sitting on the toilet thinking of you. I see no sense in fluff. I have literally had a woman rate me badly and the rate said: I was expecting more. Okay, point taken, I actually love real feedback and she was honest with it,  but I can’t tell someone what is not in the cards. #lovemyjob! I truly love my job, it’s the best.   Blessings

P.S. My readings can be done through email, we can discuss the price per read or done over the telephone for $1.00 a minute or $15.00 for 20 minutes, through paypal. Contact form below:

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