Being a psychic medium who reads tarot cards for a living I sure run across a lot of people and different beliefs. I never run anyone down or try to discredit what they say as far as their belief system goes but I sure get a lot thrown at me.  I don’t quite see the big deal in everyone having different beliefs when it comes to spiritual and even supernatural ideas.

Last night I had a crash in my kitchen, I looked to see what my cat had got into and here was outside so I knew right away, “He’s back”. By him, I do mean Cobby my house spirit. I have had many family members come visit in my home and they all have run across Cobby. He pretty much likes no men at all in my room. I let my cousin sleep in my room because he’s handicapped and I slept in my reading room on the sofa and in the middle of the night he was slugged in the chest by someone who was not there.

So normally when Cobby makes himself known there is something coming and so this has me on high alert. It seems that anything that upsets me upsets my house in a way. I know it’s odd. I could tell a million and one stories about Cobby and my home, he had attached himself to my grandson to come here. I know I can make him leave but what is the point? He won’t move on, he does seem to come and go through. Sometimes we can smell scented candles that are not here and I found out from my 3-year-old grandson that they were because of Cobby. My grandson ran into my room one evening and was so excited, he was saying that Cobby’s friends and family were burning candles for him by the water and they all smell so pretty.  So that’s that I suppose.  On to the main reason for my blog today,  belief.

So with belief, we are all different. I had a very nasty ex who runs around even after 18 years of my leaving him (stalkerish and a big gossiper) tell one of my grandchildren a bunch of hooey. My grandkids know my gifts, they have them themselves. My grandchild came to me telling me my cards were the devil lol, and that her grandpa does not “believe” in my stuff.  Well if the child had not been six years old I could have defended my position ( He needs to not be around 6-year-old children if he can’t keep them out of adult conversations) Second, I frankly don’t live my life for anyone else. I can not help it his mind is too small to think outside the one Lil brain cell he has. So, live your life for you, believe in your own belief system, no one else matters if it’s not touching your life or causing you discomfort or harm.

So believe, don’t believe, worship who and what you desire. We all have to live our lives to the best of our abilities. Make your life work for you.

Love and Light

Oh, my tarot card for the day: Seven of cups: Does not make me so happy lol. Someone confusing me or taking advantage of my good nature. Gee, wonder who that could be.  XO much love!

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