Too Much

I was going to write a post about what the spring equinox means to me but looking online I see that there were so many posts on the subject. Rightly so, because it’s a very fun and exciting time. I have always loved spring and the spring-fever energy is very exciting to all, young and old. Then we moved right into Mercury Retrograde. I am feeling it too. Was writing the first email of the day, answering a question from a client and just as I pushed send, my computer died. I started her back up and two minutes later it died again. It did this the entire time I was trying to work, and now that I am done and just reviewing what a crazy day I have had, well my computer is fine now. It’s the retrograde energy. So we went from a pep in our step, loving the newness of spring, flowers popping up all over the lawn, to hell on earth in the office.

This retrograde if pretty harsh because Mercury is in a fire sign right now and it is brash and hot and ugly, and  since it’s the planet that rules over the way we communicate, the sign it’s currently in has a lot of influence over the way we behave. Aries is one of the most impulsive and caustic signs in all the zodiac. I’m afraid and don’t feel safe LOL. It’s a hard time for sure. While in retrograde please remember not to sign any contracts, do not commit to anything. This is a time that old lovers return, I have seen it already with two calls from my clients today. I remind my girls and guys, they’re in the past for a reason! Leave them there.  I have been wondering today if the returning lovers were from retrograde or just out right spring fever. I know it’s the retrograde but being partly spring fever for these fella’s, well it would not surprise me either.

There are three signs that are truly going to have trouble with this retrograde and I swear by it since I am one of them. It’s day one and it feels like hell week at college. Virgo, Gemini, and Aries. Boy are we in trouble folks! Leave for work early, have a backup laptop at work (saved me today) don’t answer the phone to ex’s! Gemini please we need to slow our role, arguments are sure to come.

So…with all of this swirling energy, love and feeling a little frisky from spring fever to anger and anxiety from retrograde, we should all remember we’re in this together folks! Breath, relax, and go with the flow, for once April 15th will be a good day, since it’s the last day of this retrograde.

Peace and love,

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