Around We Go

In my line of work people tend to come around then go and it’s a cycle. I know retrograde brings people from our past back around to us, but it also appears to be a cycle in our lives we lather, rinse, repeat. I have callers that call daily on my main line, I do not share my main line on here but do the other I am very happy with sharing. I prefer to get my calls at home of course but not everyone is comfortable with that and it’s okay, I understand, because it’s connecting on an entirely higher level. People are happy with remaining under their assumed name, it makes them feel safe and that’s okay with me.

I seem to be more comfortable with the female callers, we connect better for some reason and this is odd because in my personal life I am a man’s girl. All of my friends are male. I mean best friends from my childhood, we still hang, we still talk, we still laugh, they still protect me, they still spoil me, in real life, all my friends are men. In my professional life, I connect with women more. I love our talks, I love our readings, I crave it, I enjoy it and that is another reason I prefer the calls at home, it’s half the price and I can take my time and not feel rushed and also deduct minutes when I feel we were just talking and connecting.

Today retrograde was at it’s finest, for one, my pc is still working! Yaa me! Then I get a call on my main line from a man I had not spoken to in five years. Then I got a call from him yet again asking a few questions he had forgotten to ask, and here we go. The connection clicked, he’s excited, and although I am happy to help him, and although the connection was strong and open, I am uncomfortable. Uncomfortable because what is it about men who always have to tip their toe over that line a little? Why do they always have to say something sexual or private? I try to be professional, this is my career for goodness sakes, yet it seems when one goes away and stops calling you, and you feel some relief that they are gone because saying sexual things while getting a tarot reading is unacceptable, another steps up to take his place.

I can say that 98% of men are respectful and thoughtful and only there for the reason of guidance. I hope to only have those call me. Time to smudge.

Blessings and Love, remember to respect your reader, she’s opening her energy and life to you, don’t break that trust. Saying inappropriate things in a huge no-no and a large turn off.

PS contact form is for home readings, $1.00 a minute through paypal. Have a blessed day.


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