Memory Lane

Last night I took a strong Epsom salts bath and had my music on. During the  Scottish Melody Song my body floated away and I saw myself as a young woman looking over the water waiting for my love to come home from what I felt was the war. I literally came out of it bawling so hard I was having trouble catching my breath.  I know that was one of my past lives, but it’s the first time it was brought into focus for me.

I do have one past life that I dreamed of all my life, since as long as I can remember and that too was during a war. I seemed to have lost all of my loves in war-time. I had the hardest time resting last night and laid in my bed thinking of the way things were, and what I miss in this lifetime. Now that I am an empty nester and the kids live so far away, I am only here in this area because I have to care for my parents. I am the only one of us siblings left who won’t rip them off and put them in a home. I know what regrets are, and when my parents go, I want no regrets.

So for all the times I just took for granted that the people in my life would just be there all the time, I am sorry. God some days I want to reach into the past and snatch a few moments back. Moments I didn’t say thank you, moments I didn’t look at him in amazement of the man he was (hubby) and say God you’re awesome to me.  I can only bring them back in my dreams.

So, here’s to memory lane..

My 2nd husband and I did not have children together, but he took mine in like they were his own. My grandkids love their papaw. My husband had his first heart attack in 2000 and went into full heart failure in 2008. I miss our life being so good.

Above is my grandson with his Papaw (my husband). Every time I would cook to feed Mark it was the sweetest thing, he had to sit on papaw and always said, “Thank you Papaw, this is good Papaw”. LOL When I cooked it!!


Above are three of my grandsons. I miss these boys so much! They live so far away now, they are teenagers now and my heart aches to see them.

Above are my three granddaughters whom I miss like mad! Two are 10 now and the other still small. Grandma Pie misses you ladies today.

Above are random shots of my life, my family. My boys and their families. My dog richocet sticking his tongue out lol.

So with all the past lives we have, I know it’s fun to look for them and experience them, they can teach us why we are how we are today, let’s try not to get so wrapped up in past lives that we don’t see what is right in front of us because it’s truly a wonderful life! I have so much love in this life it’s just amazing.

Live with no regrets of things unsaid.


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