Spiritual Tools

Each sign of the zodiac is different, I am putting a list together of the best spiritual tools a person needs based on your sign.

Aries is a fire sign, March 21-April 19. Best spiritual tool is a Red Jasper Stone. This stone helps inspire but also brings a calming side.

Taurus is an Earth sign, April 20-May20, Best spiritual tool is Amber, it will help to tap into your inner wealth and primal force.

Gemini is an air sign, May 21-June 20, Best spiritual tool is sage. It’s not a stone but an herb. A Gemini’s aura can become weighed down by the different energies they keep. Sage will cleanse the energy and space around you.

Cancer is a water sign, June21-july22, Best spiritual tool is a Himalayan salt lamp, this will cleanse the air and remove stagnant energy from around you. It will promote better sleep.

Leo is a Fire sign, July 23-Aug 22, Best spiritual tool is sandalwood essential oil.  Sandalwood is an ancient Ayurvedic medicine that provides calming energy and intensifies your good spirits. It enhances mental clarity, and as an added bonus for you,  it is a natural aphrodisiac.

Virgo is an Earth Sign, Aug 23-Sept 22, Best spiritual tool is:  Citrine, it is the most effective stone to guide you toward the path of your unique, personal success.

Libra is an Air sign, Sept 23-Oct 22, Best spiritual tool is clear quartz. This stone is known as the “master healer”, it energizes your spirit and keeps you balanced.

Scorpio is a water sign, oct23-nov 21, Best spiritual tool is Chamomile essential oil. It will calm angry emotions, lemon increases mental clarity and focus, and lavender soothes the senses and enhances focus. Allow the healing properties of this blend to motivate you, even in dark or misty moods.

Sagittarius is a Fire sign Nov.22-Dec21, Best spiritual tool is the moonstone. It is an incredibly healing stone that has direct lunar ties and will help you connect your spirit to Mother Moon. Your intuition will increase, your spirituality will awaken and your motivation will manifest.

Capricorn is an Earth sign, Dec 22-Jan 19, Best spiritual tool is palo santo, it cleanses the spirit, refreshes energy and acts as a sage-like, aromatic incense that will delight your senses and invigorates you.

Aquarius is an air sign, Jan20-Feb 18, Best spiritual tool is Amethyst, It acts as your supportive friend, your muse, lovingly suggesting ideas and backing you up along the way.

Pisces is a water sign, Feb 19-March 20, Best spiritual tool is Tea tree oil. It has therapeutic properties that provide a buffer between you and the dog-eat-dog world we live in, allowing you to take action and say “forget it” to those who try to bring you down or discourage you. Allow this essential oil let your tough, don′t-mess-with-me side take over and guide you toward greatness.

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Desires and Dreams

What are your biggest dreams? You may have more than one, or even a list of them, but it is important to have them. We all have dreams but the probability is that we are nowhere near living them out. What is stopping you? The thing is this world is full of people who give up on their dreams every single day. If you are not living out your dreams, then merely saying you are content does not make it true. Do not give up because you don’t know the possibilities that are out there for you, we all need to truly realize our potential. It is time to start living, time to realize you have what it takes and no one should ever give up on their dreams, you don’t have to.

The first thing to do is truly stop and think about what makes you happy. Write it down and give it a lot of thought. Take out all the fluff and get down to the bones of exactly what it is that would make you happy.  Once you have it in detail and you are sure this is what would make you happy then start putting it into focus. Daydream about it every single day and you will start noticing things coming.  Take it a step at a time and treat it as a goal, then start going after it.

It does not matter how big or how small your dreams are, what matters most is that you are honest with yourself and that you go after them. This is your life and you only have one life so you may as well go for it and live this life exactly how you desire. Life the life that will make you happy.  We all deserve nothing but happiness. I don’t believe for one minute that God put us on this earth expecting us to be sad or hurt or angry. We are here to thrive. Always be thoughtful of others but above all else, strive to live out our dreams and be happy.

Blessings, Love and Light W.Yvonne

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Receiving A Reading

I had a call that was very intense. My caller kept getting cards that matched. I mean 3 and 3 and 2 and 2 and she asked me what that means. I tried as best I could to explain it to her, I myself would rather not take up the time in a 2 dollar a minute call to explain something to someone, it’s so much easier just to give them the meaning instead of a long explanation. The call is about the caller so I did take the time but I felt it took away from the call. I hope however she did not feel that way.

It is my belief that when you receive a tarot reading you should be open and let it in instead of worrying about what every single card means, because when cards are side by side they can take on another meaning, when you pull 2×2 you are not really focusing on the two of cups, but what it means beside the two of wands. It’s not as confusing as it sounds I promise. The two of cups+two of wands reveal a focus on partnerships. In this case, it might be the couple (2 cups) planning a future together with the (2 wands), based around their relationship together. With the number being between 1 and 3 it reflects the beginning of the cycle of their relationship.

So I suppose what I am saying is, instead of getting to focus on my reading I had to stop and focus on telling her the difference in the reading. Had I pulled any other card with that 2 of cups the reading could have gone on and kept its flow. That flow was interrupted.

I care deeply for my callers and am one of the fastest readers out there. I don’t take my time shuffling to hell and back like some. I do not sit and go hmmm on the cards. I use my gut when to stop the shuffle, I take the cards and I run with it. I have to say my first gut instinct (which I feel everyone in the world should, the first one is always right, anything else is overthinking) and that is how I have so many return callers.

So, moral of the story: When you call and get a reading, let the reader go with her flow. I am sometimes a little misunderstood because I do not add a bunch of fluff. I am not going to tell you what he/she was wearing last Thursday when sitting on the toilet thinking of you. I see no sense in fluff. I have literally had a woman rate me badly and the rate said: I was expecting more. Okay, point taken, I actually love real feedback and she was honest with it,  but I can’t tell someone what is not in the cards. #lovemyjob! I truly love my job, it’s the best.   Blessings

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Tarot Suits

Wands describe your spirit, motion and action. When this suit comes up it’s time to do something. ( Fire)
Cups describe your emotions and relationships. When this suit comes up it’s time to listen to your intuition. (Water)
Swords describe your thoughts and state of mind. When this suit comes up it’s time to make a plan and let go of worry. (Air)
Pentacles describe your material world. Body and finances. When this suit comes up it’s time to use your common sense. (Earth)

Working Hard

I am a professional psychic tarot reader and have been reading professionally for the public for fifteen years and reading for family and friends for as long as I can remember. I do remember when I was young and my sister would want to sneak out of the house she would wake me up and ask me if she were going to get caught. My sister always relied on my intuition even later in years of her life, before she would think of traveling she would call me first. My sister is passed now from liver cancer and I miss her.

I do read for two online sites and to talk to me through these sites is $2.20 a minute. I am a lot cheaper if you contact me through here. I only charge $1.00 a minute or $15.00 for 20 minutes. I can do email readings and it’s so much per card. Just email and we can talk about it and the payment is through paypal.

XO Wendy  Yvonne.


When To Smudge

I am a Psychic Medium who reads Psychic Tarot for a living, I also am a Shinpiden Reiki Master & Teacher. Smudging is an important part of my life and it’s a personal feeling of mine that It should be an important part of all of our lives no matter our career choice.

I meditate daily and so I smudge daily. Before meditation is one of the most important times to smudge. It clears energies and I need my space clear so no past issues come up. Another time is before and after any guests enter your home. Some will remark that it smells funny. It does have a unique smell, I frankly love it but some may not.  I always smudge before and after a healing session and I also smudge to clear my energy if I have been in public where there are a lot of energies, places that are crowded.  To me, these are the most important times to smudge. A couple others are if you are starting a new job and or moving into a new space of any kind. That’s just common sense though, I am sure if you are reading this you are like, ” duh” .

Smudging your sacred space, your home or office, or even your body with sage is like taking an energetic shower and can be just as refreshing.  The smoke from dried sage actually changes the ionic composition of the air, and can have a direct effect on reducing our stress, Lord knows we can all use that at times. Myself quite often because I help people’s stress and bring in others problems on a daily basis in hopes to help put them on a correct path. Smudging is a ritual for changing and shifting the air element, and transforming our current experience to a mystical one. It also helps to connect us to the spirit world, something I use as a tool in my daily life.

Shamans use white sage to call on ancestral spirits and to aid with any conflict or illness, it helps to cleanse the spirit and the body. I believe your smudging ceremony should be one of a personal situation. You chose how you want to smudge, when you want to, and use the ceremonial tools that are best for you.  You can find the tools you need at any wiccan shop, you can go to a local herb shop for the herbs you desire. It’s all up to you. I feel it’s a personal journey, one that only you can chose the path.

Love , Wendy Yvonne

The Magician

Unusual magical powers that have the ability to bring you anything that your heart desires.  You only have to wish for something and it is right there in front of you. You may need to be highly discriminating lest you wish for the wrong thing, person, because once possessed, it may no longer be desired. Events seem to unfold at a rapid pace with this card and you may find some difficulty keeping up with the speed with which changes occur in your affairs and situations. Many decisions will need to be made during this time and it is up to you whether you adapt and go with the flow as many of your choices now will put you on a new path and then you will enjoy many new and different life experiences.

This card bears the message that your talents and your own inner gifts are the keys to your success in the situation at hand. And you have all of the tools that you need right in front of you to ensure that success manifests. This is a card about making something happen and is also directly tied to your instinct and intuition. If you are feeling an urge or a pull to do something, and the Magician card appears, the message is, follow that intuition.

Blessings, Wendy Yvonne