The High Priestess

The High Priestess is a reminder that you don’t know everything in the situation, she is the secret keeper, it is possible when you pull this card that someone is withholding information from you or that you have not been given all of the facts. She means you need to try to dig and find the truth in the matter. This is not an action card, it is a passive, thinking about it card, and letting you know you should be aware.

The High Priestess is a powerful major arcana, she is enchanting and deep, mysterious and understands people. She is gifted and psychic. She is a leader, not a follower, she has grace, charm, and poise.  This card can be telling you that the initials B and J may be or prove to later be important in your life. The chosen field for this card is that of a teacher. Mystical studies also appeal to you.


Blessing xo

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Desires and Dreams

What are your biggest dreams? You may have more than one, or even a list of them, but it is important to have them. We all have dreams but the probability is that we are nowhere near living them out. What is stopping you? The thing is this world is full of people who give up on their dreams every single day. If you are not living out your dreams, then merely saying you are content does not make it true. Do not give up because you don’t know the possibilities that are out there for you, we all need to truly realize our potential. It is time to start living, time to realize you have what it takes and no one should ever give up on their dreams, you don’t have to.

The first thing to do is truly stop and think about what makes you happy. Write it down and give it a lot of thought. Take out all the fluff and get down to the bones of exactly what it is that would make you happy.  Once you have it in detail and you are sure this is what would make you happy then start putting it into focus. Daydream about it every single day and you will start noticing things coming.  Take it a step at a time and treat it as a goal, then start going after it.

It does not matter how big or how small your dreams are, what matters most is that you are honest with yourself and that you go after them. This is your life and you only have one life so you may as well go for it and live this life exactly how you desire. Life the life that will make you happy.  We all deserve nothing but happiness. I don’t believe for one minute that God put us on this earth expecting us to be sad or hurt or angry. We are here to thrive. Always be thoughtful of others but above all else, strive to live out our dreams and be happy.

Blessings, Love and Light W.Yvonne

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Working Hard

I am a professional psychic tarot reader and have been reading professionally for the public for fifteen years and reading for family and friends for as long as I can remember. I do remember when I was young and my sister would want to sneak out of the house she would wake me up and ask me if she were going to get caught. My sister always relied on my intuition even later in years of her life, before she would think of traveling she would call me first. My sister is passed now from liver cancer and I miss her.

I do read for two online sites and to talk to me through these sites is $2.20 a minute. I am a lot cheaper if you contact me through here. I only charge $1.00 a minute or $15.00 for 20 minutes. I can do email readings and it’s so much per card. Just email and we can talk about it and the payment is through paypal.

XO Wendy  Yvonne.


The Magician

Unusual magical powers that have the ability to bring you anything that your heart desires.  You only have to wish for something and it is right there in front of you. You may need to be highly discriminating lest you wish for the wrong thing, person, because once possessed, it may no longer be desired. Events seem to unfold at a rapid pace with this card and you may find some difficulty keeping up with the speed with which changes occur in your affairs and situations. Many decisions will need to be made during this time and it is up to you whether you adapt and go with the flow as many of your choices now will put you on a new path and then you will enjoy many new and different life experiences.

This card bears the message that your talents and your own inner gifts are the keys to your success in the situation at hand. And you have all of the tools that you need right in front of you to ensure that success manifests. This is a card about making something happen and is also directly tied to your instinct and intuition. If you are feeling an urge or a pull to do something, and the Magician card appears, the message is, follow that intuition.

Blessings, Wendy Yvonne


The Fool is the very first card in the Tarot and symbolizes a man just beginning his journey or beginning a new cycle of life. It is a bright and optimistic card, symbolizing the same kind of energy you feel when you are on the first day of a vacation or holiday. This is the energy to embrace right now, this childlike, fresh-faced optimism. You are definitely venturing out into the unknown, and this time, that’s a good thing! Throw caution to the wind and embrace the new world ahead of you. When The Fool arrives in your reading then know that you are on the precipice of a new beginning or new experience. In this experience, you will throw back all that has been holding you back thus far. This could be fear, worry, or doubt. The Fool says, go out on your journey, that’s what life is about. Whatever your new beginning is, The Fool wants you to embrace it in the same way a child embraces their first day of school. The way a new bride feels on her wedding night, exciting and new.

I love this card!

Love Wendy

Timeframe in Tarot

Timeframes in tarot is a tricky thing, Common sense and following your intuition is key but there are also many different rules to follow. To myself, Cups are days, Wands are Weeks, Swords are Months and Pentacles are years. Energy is always subject to change is why people do not like giving time frames. A person really needs to be “one” with their cards to be good at timeframes and there are, so many factors to take into account, mostly though between astrology in the cards and your intuition, there is no need to miss a lot of timeframes.

The Emperor, Aries, Fire, Wands, March 21-April 19

The Hierophant, Taurus, Earth, Pentacles, April 20-May 20

The Lovers- Gemini, Air, Swords, May 21- June 20

Chariot, Cancer, Water, Cups, June 21- July 22

Strength, Leo, Fire, Wands, Jul -23 – Aug 22

The Hermit, Virgo, Earth, Pentacles, Aug 23- Sept 22

Justice, Libra, Air, Swords, Sept 23- Oct 22

Death, Scorpio, Water, Cups, Oct 23-Nov 21

Temperance, Sagittarius,, Wands, Nov 22- Dec 21

Devil, Capricorn, Earth, Pentacles, Dec 22- Jan 19

Star, Aquarius, Air, Swords, Jan 20, Feb 18

Moon, Pisces, Water, Cups, Feb 19-March 20

Spring, Wands, Fire

Summer, Cups, Water

Winter, Swords, Air

Autumn, Pentacles, Earth

Joy Of Cooking

I was thinking last night about my profession. In my particular profession, people expect you to be a witch. I am not a witch even though I do read tarot and I am a psychic, I, however, do not cast spells. I believe though if I were to call myself a witch I would be a kitchen witch because I love to cook. So, this kitchen witch wanted to show off an easy but elegant recipe. The hardest things in the kitchen are actually easy and I love to create. I love to cook, I love the warmth of the kitchen. I do get joy in feeding others. So I am sharing one my favorite things, stuffed pork loin. Easy to make and it’s sure to impress your guests.

One pork tenderloin, baby spinach, onion, a block of Colby jack cheese, salt, and pepper, olive oil.

First, Cut a lengthwise slit down the center of the tenderloin to within 1/2 in. of the bottom. Open tenderloin so it lies flat. On each half, make another, lengthwise slit down the center to within 1/2 in. of the bottom; cover with plastic wrap. Flatten to 1/4-in. thickness. Remove plastic wrap; sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Cook the spinach in a little olive oil and diced onion, and let cool. Grate the block of cheese.

When the spinach is cooled you layer it and the cheese on top of the flattened out pork loin. Roll up jelly-roll style, starting with a long side. Tie the roast at 1-1/2-inch to 2-inch intervals with kitchen string. Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper. Place on a rack in a shallow baking pan. Bake, uncovered, at 425° for 25-30 minutes or until a thermometer reads 160°. Transfer to a serving platter. Let stand for 10 minutes before slicing.

This will make a beautiful and elegant main course to your meal. It tastes wonderful and people will think you spent more time on it that you did.  This is great with a baked sweet potato and salad and a glass of white wine. Enjoy, love Wendy.